About Us

About Us

Why Are We Doing This?

The Southeast Anatolia region, also known as Upper Mesopotamia, has been decisive in the history of civilization as the geography where wheat was first domesticated and spread throughout the world. As a profession, we mediate the transformation of this valuable product into valuable results in a geography that hosts various varieties of wheat, which is the symbol of abundance.

What Are We Doing?

As a building that accompanies the transformation journey of wheat into food, we are in the middle of the transformation of wheat from a gathering vehicle to a bakeable food, and we witness many stages.

Our company; A building, a house, where the flour is in our hands, transformed and metamorphosed by our knowledgeable touch… A strong organization that has its own values, is sincere, supportive and protective just like a family, offering solutions.

What is Our Mission?

In line with the goal of being a company that obtains effective and correct combinations with its experience and will achieve success with these recipes; We are aware that we are the stage that affects the result the most with our products. For the result to be successful, we must be the best in the process between the raw material producers and the end consumer. As professionals in between, it is our duty to establish the equivalence.

Our Mision

Our Mision

To provide productive and strategic solutions by closely following the dynamics of the sector in order to ensure that our customers can obtain continuous benefits and produce standard quality products.
Our Vision

Our Vision

To inspire by leading change and development, to provide benefits in all areas where we exist with sustainable quality and R&D service.
Our Values

Our Values

For our company, which adopts the Whole Quality Concept and Customer-Focused Approach; Passion, Reliability, Efficiency, Innovation and Dedication are its indispensable values.


With the awareness that the starting point of innovation is the need itself; We offer efficient and effective solutions by adapting what Science and Technology offers to the needs of the sector with our close stance to the market.


With the principle of sustainable food for a sustainable future, we care about our role in the production of flour, from which bread is obtained, the basic nutrient of humanity, and with this awareness, we accelerate our sustainable production activities with operational efficiency and corporate collaborations in all areas such as R&D, quality, supply and sales.

Our Services

Analytical Laboratory

By analyzing wheat and wheat flour; We ensure that the existing infrastructures are examined with analytical values, the requirements are determined according to the needs and the quality standardization is kept under constant control.

  • Extensograph
  • Farinograph
  • Wet Gluten and Gluten Index
  • Sedimentation (Normal-Delayed)
  • Falling Number and Fungal Falling Number
  • Damaged Starch
  • Humidity (%)
  • Pilot Mill (CD1)
Application Laboratory


The targeted end product is applied by our technical team by providing the field process conditions and requirements and the needs are determined. Our product development team adapts the field language and the technical language to create solutions to meet these needs.

Our Brand

The main ingredient of the industry is that flour will turn into much more with our touches, and at the same time, it expresses a formation where journeys that start with flour can promise much more in the light of our knowledge and experience. We consider ourselves the most important element of the transition to the bakeable stage and we carry this in our name. When there is a phonetic pun between ‘back’ and ‘bake’, we define ourselves point shot.
The secret in the differentiation of the made final product is our role in the background.

Our Slogan

F o u rF l o u r
(q u a l i t y . c o n f i d e n c e . i n f o r m a t i o n . e x p e r i e n c e )
Flour is changing with 4 elements that make a difference in our hands; quality, confidence, knowledge and experience.

Our Logo

These lines, which symbolize the harvest time, which is the background of everything, describe the plowed fields, productivity, labor and self-sacrifice.

Bakeground aims to be a company that embodies all these at its core and aims to add value to it.

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