Industrial Flours

Special Solutions for Industrial Flours

Product NameProduct BenefitsRecommended DosagesPackaging Type
Bakeplus CB 100
In biscuit production;
⦁ Reduces gluten quality, Provides easy workability and shaping,
⦁ Maintains the shape of the mold before and after baking,
⦁ Improves final product quality characteristics such as colour, crispiness, crunchiness and mouthfeel during eating.
10-30 g / 100 kg25 kg cartoon box
Bakeplus CW 200
In wafer production;
⦁ Reduces the gluten quality,
⦁ Provides homogeneous spread on the plates by reducing the dough viscosity,
⦁ Improves the final product color properties and ensure a uniform color apperiances.
Bakeplus CC 300
In cake production;
⦁ Provides higher volume, firm texture and crumb-free internal structure.
⦁ Improves softness and moisture properties.
Bakeplus CT 400
In Tortilla and Lavash productions;
⦁ Ensures easy dough processability
⦁ Increases the product softness,
⦁ Provides a flexible, elastic and solid structure.

*Formula contents are revised according to customer needs.

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