Pasta & Noodle

Pasta & Noodle Improvers

Product NameProduct BenefitsRecommended DosagesPackaging Type
Bakepro B 900 P
In pasta production;
⦁ Enables the use of hard wheats mixed with bread wheat or just bread wheat. (Bread wheat quality characteristics should be discussed.)
⦁ Eleminates breakage and cracking during the drying phase by optimizing the dough rheology during the process,
⦁ Improves cooking tolerence,
⦁ Reduces starch release during cooking and prevents excessive swelling.
⦁ Improves chew ability of boiled pasta and prevents sticking.
10-30 g / 100 kg
50-150 g / 100 kg
25 kg cartoon box
Bakepro B 900 N
In noodle production;
⦁ Eliminates the cracking problem for dried and cooked product,
⦁ Reduces starch release during cooking and increases cooking tolerance,
⦁ Improves dough elasticity and provides easy processability,
⦁ Improves chew ability and reduces stickiness,
⦁ Enhances color and brightness.
10-30 g / 100 kg

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